modulated zips

here’s an improvised video,
made live,
with homemade electronics,
namely, 2 sound-generator/distorter-manglers,
an envelope-controlled state-variable-filter,
and a video-synthesizer… some audio mixers and lots of patch-cables also


in other related news,
the forum about,
building video-synthesizers,
which once lived here,
is back online:

blog comments are off because of spam


that’s all….

….oh, and it really seems like this year will be a new year.

Glen Gould: The Latecomers

My favourite example the “Contrapunctal Radio” style, this audio-piece about `Outport Newfoundland` from 1969 was actually the first CBC radio broadcast over their new stereo-network:


sequel to the idea of north, poetic test-pattern..
the fidelity would seem to encourage close, careful listening, perhaps with headphones, in an uniterupted space of time; as one should suppose music recordings would.




scavenged volume pedal + bent fuzzface schematic

h2. “project page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”:
“audio / video documentation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”:


h2. so “”: did a “profile/interview”: with/on-the-subject-of my hack related projectiles.

edit: chiefmag has since gone off the air

photo: Seamus Cater