h2. so “”: did a “profile/interview”: with/on-the-subject-of my hack related projectiles.

edit: chiefmag has since gone off the air

photo: Seamus Cater

diy video synthesizer web-forum

today marks the official launch of a little webforum dedicated to hacking around with analogue video synthesis.


it’s been there for a few days, but why not pick an official birthdate? today is the 43rd anniversary of the first broadcast of “Doctor Who”: … a show which was well known for it’s creative visual effects on a tiny budget as well as its neato psychological/sci-fi soundtracks. that’s a good birthday to share.

audio filter effects box/sound generator


this is basically the first project of this kind i’ve ever actually completed… in the sense that it’s done that is..
for now.

so check out the

h2. “project page with pictures and exhaustive descriptions >>>>>>>> here>>>> “:

and the

h2. “audio & video documentation >>>>>>>>>>>>”: