scavenged volume pedal + bent fuzzface schematic

h2. “project page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”:http://www.mediumrecords.com/hacks/fuqqface/fuqqface.html
“audio / video documentation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”:http://www.mediumrecords.com/hacks/fuqqface/fuqqface.html

4 thoughts on “FuQQface”

  1. Good job getting into that magazine. Also loving the new experiments and stuffs!!

    If you want to see how material has an effect on stuff, get 2 piezo speakers, and use them just like you are using the springverb.

    There’s a thing about impedances (piezo is thousands of volts at low current, speakers are tens of volts at high current)

    But whatev.

  2. hey, thanks.

    bq. get 2 piezo speakers

    yeah, i’ve been wanting to mess around with ceramic piezo stuff.
    didn’t know about the impedance thing there. been using mirrors instead of springs on the harddrives these days… have an x/y laser oscilloscope thing going on… the different weight of mirrors and the different orientation of the drivers is causing a bit of impedance madness in terms of having any fine adjustments, but it works for the most part.

  3. bq. by the way, the links in this post are bogus, to the video/sound clips.

    thanks for catching that… changed it.

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