vidisynth experiments 2 & 3


…update… optional diodes on the synch-lines need to go between the inputs and outputs to monitor (or projector)
so NOT as shown in this diagram..
synch inputs need to go directly to the logic without any diodes.. but you could DC or RC couple if you’re into that kind of thing.

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vidisynth experiment

here’s a bit of still image documentation.
it’s an early attempt to make an audio controlled video-image-synthesizer.

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software bending video capture

some years ago i was trying to capture video with my 266MHz G3 Power PC.
using a free program called Avid-Video-Shop i got some results which worked normal but also some happy accidents.

with a capture setting called “post-compress”, the program would try to grab uncompressed video and audio before attempting to encode the material to the codec of your choice. basically every codec tried would result in mega-glitch material in the end. a very simple A/V blenderizer.

so here from 2004 is a short compilation “video”: clocking in at 1minute, 9.5MB. it’s some of the captured material, live triggered with GRID video software.


audio filter effects box/sound generator


this is basically the first project of this kind i’ve ever actually completed… in the sense that it’s done that is..
for now.

so check out the

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and the

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mouse organ

found a piano keyboard in the garbage, right next to a box of interesting but used footware.

so it gets a new life:



…presenting: “the mouse organ”

for various reasons it should actually be called the “baby-seal organ”, for this version pictured above. the keys were to control some VCO type devices. keyboard was split into three sections, each with a series of resistors. it worked but didn’t get finished.
back of an old cassette deck makes for a pretty decent control pannel.

it’s back to the drawingboard for now though.

sound generator

there’s a few stories behind this thing. suffice to say it was wired worng, looked like this:


and sounded like “this”:
and “this”:

an earlier attempt, also wired wrong, looked like this:


and sounded like “this”:

circuit was an attempt to build the design from here: “”:
but i got the pin numbers of the ic wrong. hopefully i can recreate what i did with that in the future (not sure if the picture really tells the story at that point or not) … i jotted some notes down but who know where those might be.

candlestick mic (not to be confused with any kellogg’s products)

for certain reasons not to be gone into further at the moment, i was in need of a microphone to talk to conspirators through the computer with.

this is the important parts of an old junk microphone with candlestick adaptor for table top use.


sound pretty crappy.