vidisynth experiment

here’s a bit of still image documentation.
it’s an early attempt to make an audio controlled video-image-synthesizer.

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4 thoughts on “vidisynth experiment”

  1. Hi,
    Congratulations! It looks great and I am very interested by building this kind of project.
    Will you publish more details about the construction ?
    Thank you.

  2. That is pretty amazing. Where did you get the video synch signal from? I can’t seem to find a good resource for schematics on how to build a good video signal for with with synthesis. I’d like to know how you hooked up the monitor and what types of things were going on with the logic gates. I’m going to begin work with some intersil video chips for work with composite signals but this looks just as promising if not even more so. We should exchange ideas and circuit know how.

  3. hi Fred,


    i’ll publish more details, yes.
    first, have to figure out which parts are doing what i think… and am working on some different approaches in the meantime.

    my experiment board at the moment is just an interruption of a vga line from computer to monitor. when the monitor is in synch, you can send pretty much anything to the r,g, and b lines.

    as for generating patterns by using external synch as your clock and dividing the pulses with logic-gates… working on it. i have some new documentation of a different approach to post and a few more concepts to try, then hopefully.

  4. pixel form,

    i was going to use an LM1881 because i have one, but ran out of breadboard so just using synch from my old g3’s vga output…

    you know, now that i think about it, i maybe should be trying for the LM1883 because it’s got a horizontal out.

    not sure if these chips will generate their own sync or not. i thought i read somewhere that a 681R (+/- 0.1%) wired between 2 pins would do the trick. though i’m not sure.
    if not, you can just use a vcr, maybe even external output of your tv monitor if it has one (hmm.)

    i think that EL1883 is the intersil equiv.

    they have some gen-lock chip which could maybe generate a synch.

    >>We should exchange ideas and circuit know how.

    okay! done deal.

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