vidi-synth experiment 1

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h4. an early attempt to make an audio controlled video-image-synthesizer.

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this experiment used 4 IC’s containing NAND gates, AND gates, hex-triggers, and a ripple counter thingie.
the counter borrows its clock from an external video synch pulse, also used to synch the display here.

it had lots of stability and a 1K pot could be used to drastically change what kind of patterns were coming out.
another circuit converts audio into voltage control for extra fun.

the horizontal red lines in these stills were reacting to audio amplitude:

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will probably have to dismantle this piece by piece to figure out the simplest way of recreating the effects which i liked here.
sometimes it was working really well with the audio but, as i was trying out a lot of different connections, am still not entirely sure why.


some other stills:

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h2. video file:

“this video file”: (10MB) is just an image sequence of the thing running but not at speed… should have made proper video documentation with sound of course, but didn’t.

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  1. HI there,

    I’m trying to figure out how to build a video synth. just ordered some AD8072s. is there any schematic for this that you could share?

    Thank you so much!


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