operation twins

this video is some excerpts from a live A/V synthesis session in 2008.
part of a series of practice tapes leading up to performances in vancouver and minneapolis.

the title “operation twins” comes from a fiction book written in the 1990’s by my studio neighbour which cover the role of simulation in international intelligence and espionage.



h5. “http://occii.org/nightdetails.asp?id=588”:http://occii.org/nightdetails.asp?id=588

h2. Wednesday 2nd of July 2008

h1. HalloGallo! #9

h3. SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN (Massachusetts, USA) *

Sunburned Hand of the Man are a band from Massachusetts that formed in 1997 from the remnants of the Boston psychedelic punk trio Shit Spangled Banner.
Sunburned Hand of the Man has an amorphous lineup, with composition and instrumentation potent

h3. BRIAN MCKENNA (Canada) *

analogue video synthesizer


Sweden’s finest elite no-wave fractured-folkists hit some sort of zero-gee post-Beefheart sauna-bar, swinging off creaking, badly-hung pine doors, inhaling steam and beer-fumes as they trigger every Casio pre-set imaginable and crank up their banjos to, u

€ 5,- Doors open 21.00

i’m playing a couple of live sets coming up:

april 19 in vancouver

and may 1 in minneapolis

modulated zips

here’s an improvised video,
made live,
with homemade electronics,
namely, 2 sound-generator/distorter-manglers,
an envelope-controlled state-variable-filter,
and a video-synthesizer… some audio mixers and lots of patch-cables also


in other related news,
the forum about,
building video-synthesizers,
which once lived here,
is back online:

diy video synthesizer web-forum

today marks the official launch of a little webforum dedicated to hacking around with analogue video synthesis.


it’s been there for a few days, but why not pick an official birthdate? today is the 43rd anniversary of the first broadcast of “Doctor Who”:http://www.tv-timewarp.co.uk/video_intros/DoctorWho-WilliamHartnel_HQ.wmv … a show which was well known for it’s creative visual effects on a tiny budget as well as its neato psychological/sci-fi soundtracks. that’s a good birthday to share.

VGA Expropriator – analogue video synthesizer

“this”:http://www.mediumrecords.com/vs0/vs001.html is my first completed video-synthesizer.


it adds the wave-forms of audio inputs onto the VGA output of a computer.
it can be patched in ways which turn it into a big, fast, and very noisy audio-visual glitch machine.


“more over on project-page>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>”:http://www.mediumrecords.com/vs0/vs001.html