the woodpecker explained

here’s “a little video clip”: lifted from a 1982 BBC documentary about Nikola Tesla…



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  1. bq. interesting… damn russians

    yeah. that documentary says that it was most likely a special over-horizon radar, and/or super-precise radar. ELF communication with submarines is another theory and some people would suppose that they were using it to transmit power wirelessly.

    …from what i understand about the “world-wireless” power transmission project, the current would be going through the ground and the atmosphere is used as the common (or ground as it were)

    tuning to the frequency of the planet would be to prevent destructive interference from reflections, or to even amplify the waves like you can do above ground by bouncing them off the ionosphere …

  2. hmmmmmmmmmm

    Well… Thw whole wireless power is really cool and sometimes I just wonder why we cant make wall outlet transmitters but then realize the amount of power needed… Now as for wireless power, you need to transfer it through something…

    Wires, heat, sound?

    That reminds me of a ultrasonic-modulated sound: it travels in a nearly straight direction. Ask the millitary, they’s know about it, but it’s really neat technology.

    Also, I might be getting some circuit boards made for a nice secret project… more later

  3. bq. ultrasonic-modulated sound

    i do know that before the LASER, there was invented the MASER which works with microwaves instead of light…
    same concept though… all the particles of a beam are made point in the same direction as far as their inherent frequencies are concerned — they become resonant so that they reinforce each other and form a very coherent beam… and this opens up a world of possibilities. i kind of assume that this is how the hydrogen bomb works in terms of splitting atoms… but the beams can cover longer distances because they are focussed n stuff.

    bq. you need to transfer it through something

    the current would follow the most direct path through the earth, and efficiently because of proper tuning.
    the transmission towers would make the common connection using the upper atmosphere as medium… they’d follow each other just like a coax cable… just like the kind of EM ‘sausage’ that clings to the outside of a cable in a circuit… the trick being that supply runs more directly to demand…

    that would be a different concept than beam weapons which are meant to target whatever the hell you want… because the receiver has to be asking for the power, loading it in order to attract more of it…

    don’t quote me on that though

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