toaster in front of a fence

years ago some russian boat exploded and started spewing forth toxic burning freon gas into the atmosphere. so that’s in the background.

“i think it was here”:,-123.431268&spn=0.013782,0.036221&t=h&om=1

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  1. Good photo, and I decided to follow in your footsteps of the videosynth.

    So far, I destroyed my old monitor’s cable (mistake, but I didn’t want to go out buying sockets and blah), found the v and h sync, pulled out my video card’s second output, and put the v and h sync onto a breadboard, feeding them into the second monitor.

    Then, I put the vsync into a binary counter, and that divided pulses, then took some of those outputs into a AND gate, then fed that into the green and blue channels, I just have to get something to convert incomming audio into some sort of control voltage… Halp? vactrol?

  2. Also…. do you know how to get h sync (60hz for me) “useable”? My CD40106 won’t count it’s pulses, it’s normally low, as opposed to the vsync that is usually high.

    Was that a problem for you?

  3. i was using envelope followers… some of which do use vactrols yes.

    what’s a “Halp” though?

    does a 40106 have an inverted input? or you can just use something else to invert.
    60Hz for an H-sync seems like a weird number to me for some reason at the moment…

    but i just got back into town

  4. “Halp” was a little joke. You’re right, 60 hz was vsync, I get those mixed up. 120hz works nice for that.

    CD40106 is inverting, but it doesn’t seem to like this signal. It is probably because (these are CMOS logic) I am running off of about 7 volts, and that changes the trigger threshold.

    I saw your other projects like the laser briefcase, crazy! :-p

  5. okay, yeah… 15MHz is a bit closer to what you’d want for an hsync… so cmos should be able to handle that i guess… but maybe not.

    the 40106…the schmitt-trigger… you know i seem to recall that i was having better luck with the ttl 7400 versions…
    i thought i read somewhere that 5ns was an upper limit for cmos and i think you’d need more headroom in terms of speed… do you have the highspeed cmos? (HTC version or something?)

    and for some reason i think you have to run the hsynch through an and (or xor? or nand?) gate with the vsynch before the schmitt-trigger if you actually want to see anything on the screen… not sure why but i could only get a line at the edge of the screen without doing that…

    so yeah. maybe try TTL (but don’t fry them chips with the voltage; ) or try some kind of highspeed CMOS if you haven’t already…

    i’m curious as to the results you’ve had so far though…


    the laser stuff… well that particular installation was a collaboration with “robyn moody”: and he’s most certainly the brains of all the electronics and lasers and stuff there… he also made some kind of giant spaceship / life-support system for goldfish once.

  6. I’m using the HCF4024BEY for binary counters, and 74F08PC AND gate (It says “fast/faster bipolar logic”)

    It’s funny you mention frying chips, the AND gate says it likes up to 5.5V supply, and will handle maximum 7, but I’m feeding it a bit more than 7 and it’s doing great (outputs are very hot (electrically, not physically)).

    That’s weird, it’s a tad bit warm but nothing serious. We’re good for speed, and as for any interesting results? Not really… until I get more digital chips (shift registers, maybe an ADC), I’m pretty much stuck making some lines go up and down :-D

    Everything works and that’s all that matters! (these chips are going beyond max specs in the datasheets I think)

    Have you found anything new? Also, any special trick to getting the “mouth” red and blue lines to move up and down?

  7. bq. _I’m pretty much stuck making some lines go up and down :-D_

    sounds great!

    bq. _Also, any special trick to getting the “mouth” red and blue lines to move up and down_ ?

    well… the top line was just the inverted signal of the bottom line… the movement came from an envelope follower which does half wave rectification of audio signals. i could just email(1234?) you a schematic if you like and you could just adapt it or bits of it to what you’re doing. s’really simple.

    i have been working on something new yes… i think the results are some crazy so far..! am hoping to start documenting it by friday or so.

  8. New projects are always great, I was thinking of starting a midibox sid ( after I get something neat going with this monitor.

    Don’t trouble yourself with a schematic if you dont want to, but it would be really nice to see what kind of stuff you are doing. And my email is :-p

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