candlestick mic (not to be confused with any kellogg’s products)

for certain reasons not to be gone into further at the moment, i was in need of a microphone to talk to conspirators through the computer with.

this is the important parts of an old junk microphone with candlestick adaptor for table top use.


sound pretty crappy.

luminous and malleable substances

bq. Art is passing through a latent period. A force exists which man is unable to express… It is for this reason that we are asking all men of science throughout the world, who are conscious of the fact that art is vital necessity for the human race, to orient a part of their research towards the discovery of luminous and malleable substances and the sound producing instruments that will make possible the development of tetra-dimensional art.

–_Lucio Fontana_, +Spazialismo manifesto+, 1962


someone more clever than me made “this thing”:

so i copied:



the most pertinent revolutionary experiments in culture have sought to break the spectator’s psychological identification with the hero


bq. The very notion of a collective avant-garde, with the militant aspect it implies, is a recent product of historical conditions that are simultaneously giving rise to the necessity for a coherent revolutionary program in culture and to the necessity to struggle against the forces that impede the development of such a program. Such groups are led to transpose into their sphere of activity organizational methods created by revolutionary politics, and their action is henceforth inconceivable without some connection with a political critique. “more>>”:

_–Guy Debord_, +Writings from the Situationist International+, 1957